Capri Catalano

Capri's Philosophy 
My philosophy is to first work on a student’s mechanics, making corrections on a weakly basis. While doing this, we will be upgrading their speed through a series of drills, control, which combines good mechanics with drills, and movement involving the proper grip and spin on the ball. This leads to the mastery of several pitches, including change-up, drop, curve, drop-curve, screw, palm-up curve and rise. I am experienced in both philosophies of pitching, the drag approach or figure 4, where you kick your back leg behind you. 
Hope to see you on the field soon! 

I have grown up in a softball family because of my two uncles and my dad. My uncle played professional fast pitch and my dad was a baseball pitcher. I have been playing softball since the age of 8, beginning with recreation, school ball, travel, and college. During the past five years, I have been employed as a softball instructor for our family academy in New Jersey and USA elite softball academy in Florida. 

Tony Catalano

Pitching has been my life since age five. As a former baseball player, pitcher, and coach, I have taken my years in baseball and applied that experience to the game of sofball. Having my uncle who was a former professional softball player in California as my tutor since 1999, I have gained immense knowledge in the game of softball. He has spent every summer in New Jersey as my mentor.

Furthermore, I've had the pleasure of working with several softball instructors, attended over thirty softball seminars, and over one-hundred softball camps & clinics. Also, due to the kindness of my daughter's former college coach and current USA & National Olympic Softball Coach, Ken Erickson, I was able to attend their Olympic team practices and workouts. These practices included softball greats such as Jenny Finch and Cat Osterman.​

Through my enthusiasm, hard work, and drive, I try to will and prepare my students to become better pitchers. As a pitching instructor I have the advantage of being available at several different sights, including my backyard with a 60ft pitching cage, state of the art equiptment, and a batting machine.
When a student first comes for a lesson we focus on mechcanics, the mental side of pitching, speed, accuracy, and movement. It is a step-by-step process which takes a full commitment from the student, as well as, the parents. The student needs to spend many hours on their own, improving and correcting their "total" pitching game. To summerize, it takes many hours of dedication by the student to apply what we accomplish in a lesson and continually raise it to a whole new level.

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